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If you have been searching for a qualified, nurturing provider and a safe, fun environment please read on.

This is a letter of reference written for Brenda Schoen on May 12, 2009. She has been our childcare provider for 2 full years. My husband and I have 6 children and have lived in Olathe for 5 years. Several years ago my husband and I started our search for a childcare/preschool for our youngest daughter. We met many possible providers but chose Brenda because she was very experienced and offered a wonderful environment. Our daughter started at Brenda’s August of 2006, has attended for two years, and is enrolled for next year.

At Brenda’s it is a calm, structured, and loving environment. This environment lends to age appropriate and amazing academics with social skills opportunities for the children. My own observation of the classroom, class programs, school picnics, and field trips along with open communication with Brenda have shown overall consistency, safety, and a positive, loving, and fun environment for the children. Brenda is very well educated on child development and working with children. She is far above average in working with the whole child, not just one area of growth. Brenda’s taught our daughter every academic and social skill needed to be prepared for kindergarten. She has nurtured and loved our daughter. We have always had peace of mind when Juliana is with Brenda. I would highly recommend Brenda to anyone who is looking for childcare/preschool. She has been a God send for our family and we are so very thankful for her!

Tina, LMSW

I have known Brenda for approximately 5 years. I have had both of my older children attend her program and plan for our youngest to attend as well. My oldest daughter is now in second grade and attended Montessori Home Pre-school for 3 years. She still recalls many of the fun things she did and learned at pre-school.

My 4 year old son is currently enrolled and will continue his pre-school education with Brenda again next year. Both of my children have learned so much not only educationally but socially as well. The children are taught respect, caring, honesty, responsibility, manners (my favorite) and many other attributes that will help them along in their educational and life experiences.

Brenda is a devoted educator and an extremely caring person. This combination creates a fun and loving environment for the children who attend her school. She is very organized and carefully plans for the children to be active and learn each and every day. My son is happy to tell me about what he learned and how much fun he had playing with his friends at school each day.

Stay at home mom

Mrs. Schoen knows preschooler’s developmental, social and emotional needs. She is helpful in suggesting age appropriate ideas which pertain to her students. Every child’s individual strengths and needs are discussed confidentially with parents. Mrs. Schoen then individualizes her student’s needs so that each child can be challenged and succeed on his own personal level.

Mrs. Schoen is an effective educator because of the materials she possesses, her consistency and love for children. She has purchased many age appropriate materials for her classroom. The children are exposed to “hands on” learning through literature, music, cooking, games and Montessori developed materials. The children know the daily routine and her expectations. She is warm hearted. This is apparent when she is eager to accept hugs from her students and then graciously returns one.

As a working parent, it is very important to have a reliable caretaker. You can depend on Mrs. Schoen! She provides monthly calendars giving advance notice of holidays. We appreciate and adore her substitute who has also been there to help weekly and during unforeseen circumstances.

Mrs. Schoen cares about her families. She listens well to any questions or concerns families may have. Mrs. Schoen encourages input from her parents. She tries hard to accommodate all her families. My husband and I feel fortunate that our daughter has had the opportunity to be a part of Montessori Home Preschool. We are confident that she will be successful in the future because of the strong foundation Mrs. Schoen helped build for our child!

Elementary teacher

It has been our privilege to have our daughter under the guidance and care of Mrs. Brenda Schoen for the past two years. During that time Brenda demonstrated patience, understanding, and the desire for each child to reach their individual potential.

Brenda creates a very comfortable and structured environment where the children feel safe to explore and become confident in their abilities. I admire the dedication that Brenda displays on a daily basis. Our daughter was very timid and fearful of attempting new tasks. Thanks to a great deal of patience and teaching her some coping skills, Brenda was able to make significant gains. She helped our daughter gain self-confidence in dealing with new situations.

When I compare the growth that was shown in the two years with Mrs. Schoen versus two years at our son’s (now 7 year old) preschool, hands down, there is no comparison to the skills that were learned. I continue to be amazed with the knowledge our daughter gained. I feel confident that she is ready both socially and academically for kindergarten. I credit Mrs. Schoen for her dedication to working with each child individually in order to determine their strengths and well as their stretches.

It is indeed my pleasure to recommend Mrs. Brenda Schoen to anyone looking for a caring, nurturing, and enriching environment in which his or her child can grow.

Elementary teacher

Brenda Schoen has been a model of good practice as a student teacher at The Hiersteiner Child Development Center in the toddler classroom known as Hideaway Woods. As her immediate supervisor, I have observed Brenda not only teaching and bonding with tiny toddlers, but also soothing the anxieties of parents. She supported the efforts of Hideaway Woods teachers to make the classroom a comforting and secure place for the children. Brenda was always respectful and honored the dignity of each person that she encountered whether a parent, teacher, maintenance person, cook, parent or supervisor.

Our children are abundant in energy and quick to move from one activity to another. Her work ethic, punctuality, and initiative help maintain a level of consistency in a fast-paced classroom. Brenda was very perceptive to the toddlers’ interests by providing them with engaging activities and materials both as planned activities and lessons that reflect the interests of each individual child. Her even-tempered manner encouraged toddlers and parents to feel comfortable around her especially during stressful transitions. Brenda is a truly generous loving teacher with a mature sense of duty and responsibility.

She has whole-heartedly supported our High Scope curriculum and embraced the missions of Johnson County Community College and The Hiersteiner Child Development Center to achieve excellence through personal and professional growth. I have no doubt that she would be a tremendous asset to any organization. She is a professional early childhood educator who is beyond reproach.

Coordinator/Lead Teacher/ Adjunct Assistant Professor


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